• Ingri Granita Politeknik Praktisi Bandung
Keywords: Financial Technology, Fintech, Bank Indonesia, Payment System, Supporting Organizers, Market Supporters


Financial Techology (Fintech) exists to fulfill people's lifestyles in the financial sector,  for example, to open a loan / credit, can be done only by using a smartphone, without having to go to a bank branch / financial institution. The process is faster and easier. This study aims to examine the theories of fintech to be able to analyze fintech in accordance with theories collected from various previous studies. In this study, observational descriptive analysis was used to analyze the findings. Analysis from the website of each fintech registered at Bank Indonesia and other information. The data used is Fintech data that has been registered at Bank Indonesia. Bank Indonesia classifies companies registered in BI into three types, namely: Fintech payment system serves the processing of payment transactions from the transaction will be carried out until after the transaction has occurred. Fintech is a provider of support for fintech companies offering products / tools / software to support each transaction. The service is more than company for companies (B2B). Market support Fintech is dominated by companies that provide financial product comparison services for consumers. So consumers can choose products that suit their needs