• Iwan Permana
Keywords: Theory, Supply, Demand, Islamic Economics


The offer is the number of goods offered by the seller in a particular market, at a certain period and at a certain price level, or in other words that the offer is the amount of goods and services available for sale at various price levels and situations. As is the case with demand, the supply theory is also known as the quantity of goods offered and supply. The offer is a combination of the total number of items offered by the seller in certain markets, certain periods, and at various price
levels. There is also an Islamic offer that distinguishes it from a hedonic offer, that the goods or services offered must be transparent and detailed in specifications. How is the condition of the goods, there are advantages and disadvantages of these goods and so on. Do not let the offer made harm the party who filed the request. Rasulullah Saw in making an offer always detailed the specifications of his merchandise, to the extent that the purchase price was mentioned and offered at what price the item was purchased and which would be obtained by him.